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Elm Tree, Sutton on Ashfield, Extension

Project Details

(Sutton in Ashfield Nottingham Extension)



Project Manager


Structural Engineer

Health & Safety Advisor

Supply Chain Manager

Delivery Programme Period

Contract Value

Elm Tree Rd, Ashfield, NG17 8FG

Ashfield District Council

Svyat Ozarkiv

Azzam Hakim

Azzam Hakim

Lee Burke

George Hunter

July – December


Location: Elm Tree Rd, Ashfield, NG17 8FG

Client:Ashfield District Council

Project Manager: Svyat Ozarkiv

Architect: Azzam Hakim

Structural Engineer: Azzam Hakin

Health & Safety Advisor: Lee Burke

Supply Chain Manager: George Hunter

Delivery Programme Period: July – December

Contract Value:£57,000

Elm tree extension. Ashfield council construction

Despite the fact that there were difficulties at certain stages of the project, they were dealt with immediately and mistakes made were corrected. For example, I remember the moment when the problem with the drainage was solved, when one of the first workers took a long time to complete his work, because of this, other works could not be carried out, so as a result, a new worker was immediately deployed found, who made it possible to finish the works that had been started and catch up with the planned construction dates. Also, please note, bedrooms and bathroom and kitchen are good. Kitchen is now tidy and has been wiped down. I was happy to follow your schedule and continue to devote my time to this project. It is the truth.

Sutton in Ashfield - Nottingham Extension


This building project was based in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottingham where Ashfield District Council advertised this project on one of the public tender portals in order to renovate and modify an existing home to accommodate people with impairments. The bid team determined the project’s cost and submitted it for consideration after our team expressed interest in it.

In order to build an addition to an existing house, all primary surfaces (ceiling, walls, and floor) had to be replaced with new ones. Additionally, internal doors and windows had to be replaced, and the extension’s bathroom had to have new first-fixed sanitaryware installed. In order to link a new pipeline to the city sewage, drainage work was also finished.

In order to win this particular tender, our bid team outbid rival bids, enabling us to land the project.


Our team of quantity surveyors conducted the project’s first analysis. When the project was selected as the recipient of the contract, Svyat, our senior project manager, was given the assignment and she personally managed it from start to finish. Throughout the course of the project, our contract manager had conversations with the clients and the project manager on the job site. The project manager effectively managed customer expectations and informed our personnel of all relevant information.
In order to boost productivity and guarantee that everyone is following daily work procedures, our operations manager assisted the project manager by making judgements that were optimal for the project. George Hunter, our team’s supply chain manager, was in charge of managing the deliveries of the materials. He bought every item on the material lists, moved it to the job site, and hired every piece of gear required for the duration of the project.
There would undoubtedly be difficulties, as with any attempt. Our site manager made sure that all of these issues were addressed and rectified before departing the location.


The Sutton in Ashfield Nottingham Extension site needed to be readied before work could start, so a team of employees erected skips, bathrooms, scaffolding, and access equipment. Additionally ensured that entrance to the residence and area was secure.
After laying the foundation for the extension, we used a concrete pump for the trenching, adopted the formwork system in accordance with the specifications of the approved calculations, and had a building control inspector inspect the foundation. We installed the appropriate pipes, drainage, and reinforcement prior to pouring the concrete, which necessitated that all pipes and components be free of defects and joints before being laid. Trenches were dug in order to lay these pipes, and their width and depth were then measured in accordance with the requirements.
After laying the foundation, we started constructing the walls, using new bricks that had insulation and openings for windows and doors. Before starting work on the external brickworks, the site manager made sure that all of the materials were available and were the proper quality and quantity for the construction operations.
The building crew then focused on the inside walls, which were made of plasterboard and hardwood planks, after completing this task. Large strips of moisture-insulating material were utilised to line the openings prior to the installation of windows in the appropriate positions. Our team measured the apertures where the new inside doors would go, fastened the door frames with precise bolts, and then checked to make sure each door operated freely and smoothly before installing them.
The construction crew in Sutton in Ashfield Nottingham Extension project finished working on the walls and then turned their attention to the roof, paying close attention to every crucial detail. For the layout of the roof, scaffolding was used, and the necessary supplies were carried onto it. Lattice and the required fasteners were organised, tiles were set in even rows, and plasterboard sheets were laid in order to provide the best internal coating and the fewest number of end joints. After that, workmen installed outside gutters, water pipes, and soffits.
Once the exterior work was complete, the team began with the interior floor and plastering, but before painting the new walls, the necessary electrical work was completed and installed.
At the conclusion of the work, the entire construction site was thoroughly cleaned.


Both the project’s timeline and budget were met. Thanks to a well-thought-out layout, the new home addition appeared and felt as though it had always been there. The excellent quality design of this house adds to its value and enhances its appeal as a place to live.

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