Fitzjohns Avenue, London, Building Refurbishment

Golders Green London Refurbishment Project Details



Project Manager


Structural Engineer

Building Services Consultant

Delivery Programme Period

Contract Value

Fitzjohns Avenue, London, NW3 6PH

Archers Building and Construction


Azzam Hakim

Mark Moore

Lee Trust

55 Days


Location: Fitzjohns Avenue, London, NW3 6PH

Client:Archers Building and Construction

Project Manager: Daniel

Architect: Azzam Hakim

Structural Engineer: Mark Moore

Building Services Consultant: Lee Trust

Delivery Programme Period: 55 Days

Contract Value:£89,360

Golders Green London Refurbishment builders

“These homeowners reached out to for assistance in refurbishing their property.”


Golders Green London Refurbishment – These property owners contacted us for assistance with house renovations.

The client requested that any unnecessary furniture be removed and the floor be prepared for repair work before any work could begin (the existing carpet was removed). To give the antique fireplace a fresh look, cleaning and renovation were necessary. In addition, the new flooring, ceiling, walls, and furnishings were all painted. Electrical repairs were also completed.

We were given the project after our pricing team’s qualitative assessment to evaluate whether we ought to post an application on one of the portals.


The project underwent a qualitative examination by our pricing team, and when it was selected as the winner, a project manager was hired to supervise it from start to finish while coordinating with all the hired workers who were present on the construction site.


The entire apartment was prepared for restoration work by clearing out extra furniture and covering some of it with lingering protective film.

Before restoration work could begin, the current fire and its surroundings were extinguished within the fireplace. The gang then chiselled a hole in the plaster covering the fireplace aperture with a hammer and chisel. After the repair was made, the chimney and fireplace break were inspected. Existing cracks in the fire wall were completely filled with cement. The chimney was also cleaned due to clutter. After all the cleaning was done, the fireplace was painted.

Before starting the principal task of replacing the flooring, our team prepared the subfloor and corrected the laminate boards. All of the old flooring was then removed, the floor dried, and all of the trash was removed before the new floor could be safely installed. The door jambs were also cut before being installed, which prevented the installation of the new floor and allowed our personnel to accomplish the job perfectly. A laminate underlayment was installed to improve the warmth of the floor and help with sound absorption. After that, a new type of flooring was put in, and seams were made between the laminate layers to give it a nicer appearance.

The final paint was already completed with the client’s permission after each wall surface was completely cleaned and plaster was applied to smooth out any imperfections. Once the principal work was finished, the furniture was put back where it had been prior to the repair.

After the building was complete, it underwent a thorough cleaning before the flat owners could move in and begin living there.


On February 23, 2022, the Golders Green London refurbishment project was completed on time, even ahead of schedule, without any client complaints, and within the allotted budget.