Guildford Street, London, Renovation

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(Covent Gardens London Renovation)



Project Manager


Structural Engineer

Building Services Consultant

Delivery Programme Period

Contract Value

Guildford Street, London, WC1N 1DF

Archers Building and Construction


Azzam Hakim

Mark Moore

Lee Trust

45 Days


Location:Guildford Street, London, WC1N 1DF

Client:Archers Building and Construction

Project Manager: James

Architect: Azzam Hakim

Structural Engineer: Mark Moore

Building Services Consultant: Lee Trust

Delivery Programme Period: 45 Days

Contract Value:£43,540

Covent Gardens London Renovation and electrical works building construction renovations builders

We trusted them from the start to do incredible work and they never once let us down through the method, and we are enchanted with the result in terms of taking a toll, program and quality, and the extended travel was a pleasure.”

Countrywide Listed Lodge renovation insulation
Countrywide Listed Lodge renovation insulation
Countrywide Listed Lodge renovation


Despite always wishing to, the residents of the flat have not made any changes since they initially moved in. They were certain they had chosen the appropriate company after learning about British Builders and its award-winning project management technique, which would oversee the works from conception to completion, and they later agreed that they had.

Even though the house’s electrical system had just been repaired, the electrical crew finished rewiring the entire building, installing a new fuse box in the process. The risk of unintentionally blowing a fuse or light bulb was dramatically reduced, which simplified the installation process for new fixtures and fittings. Due to the flat’s top-floor location, the owners discovered a ceiling leak, which required aesthetic repairs in one room.

The flat owners found our company online thanks to the positive reviews of our previous clients on this project.


The project’s clients first viewed our website and got in touch with customer support, saying they had to work with us right away since they could no longer stand the fact that it was actually pouring on their heads in the living room. The site manager advised the client to visit the pricing section so that he could learn how much money he will need to put into his apartment. The project was assigned to the designated project manager after a successful price negotiation that took into account all of the client’s requests. The project manager oversaw it from beginning to end, resolving any misunderstandings that may have occurred during crucial stages of the work process and getting in touch with all parties and employees who were involved.


It was imperative to first remove the damp layer because not the entire ceiling would need to be replaced. We used a spatula to transfer all the broken pieces on the concrete base. After that, there was a lovely drying process. Additionally, suitable ventilation Because the leakage spot needed to be completely dry, we took our time drying. After that, the area was thoroughly scrubbed with sandpaper. Naturally, when working outside in the dust, our workers wore respiratory protection.

The endeavour mentioned above resulted in a ceiling that was empty and free of all materials. We added a second primer after the first one dried after priming the cleaned area. They smeared, dabbing a little on the unaltered area of the ceiling to make the transition undetectable. After drying, they were cleaned with fine sandpaper, and the surface’s cleanliness was checked with a flashlight. The process of fixing the flooded ceiling is finished by painting it. The entire ceiling was painted because it is quite difficult to get a hue that matches the previous one exactly.

How do we upgrade aged wiring?

Covent Gardens London Renovation – construct a wiring schematic, which necessitated shifting outlets and switches between different rooms;

– Dispose of any obsolete wiring. We first protected all of our workers with masks because the task is somewhat taxing. Then, we had to turn off the house’s electricity so that our team could work safely. They discovered the delivery box.

And this is where the demolition began. The cables were removed after being strangled from the walls. We carefully severed the cable and safely isolated it in the manner described above if there were issues in a particular location;

– Because we had to move a number of connections and switches, we employed a level for this type of work when marking and strobing the walls;

– Install new electrical wiring by stringing cable along strobes that had already been built, securing the wire with plaster chunks, and placing distribution boxes where the wiring divided;

– Inspect new wiring.

– Before connecting the wiring to the shield, our experts evaluated its functionality.


The 9-week timeframe of the Covent Gardens London Renovation project allowed for both perfect electrical work and a complete restoration of the moist ceiling. The project was complete on February 15, 2022.