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British Builders specialises in renovations, extensions and new build projects and operating in every city and town across the entire UK.

Specialising in the same field since 2017 has allowed us to gain an extensive knowledge in this field and to develop better ways to deliver our projects much more efficiently and almost snag free in most projects we deliver.

Please find below our recent projects. They vary in size and location. Please read our customer’s feedback reviews too. 

Elm tree extension. Ashfield council construction

Elm Tree, Sutton on Ashfield, Extension

City Council submitted this project on one of the public tender portals for the improvement and adaptation of an existing house to accommodate people with disabilities and our team took an interest in the project and the bidding team calculated the amount for the project and submitted it for consideration.

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Renovation and electrical works building construction renovations builders

Guildford Street, London, Renovation

Despite always wishing to, the residents of the apartment had not changed anything since they first moved in. They were confident they’d discovered the correct company after learning about British Builders and its award-winning project management approach, which would handle the works from conception to completion, and they later agreed that they had

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Refurbishment and decoration project building construction renovations builders

Remington Street, London, Refurbishment

The customers of this project very quickly looked for a company that would be able to fulfill their requests, because the flooding of their apartment made the appearance of many rooms unattractive, which did not give them peace, and this family did not dare to do a major renovation of the bathroom for a long time, but unforeseen circumstances pushed them to do it bold move.

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Structure renovation and full refurbishment building construction renovations builders

West Street, London, Structure Renovation

In this case, the client had lived in the property for 20 years and saved up to be in a position to renovate and future-proof the house for the years ahead. The building was completely remodelled inside and remotely, giving it a modern style.

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building construction renovations builders

Lartonwood, Newton, External Refurbishment

The client inquired in case giver may visit and carry out a free roof study as client was feeling the roof had been dismissed for a long time and needed a company that she seem believe to donate her an genuine clarification of what was required to allow her peace of intellect that she wasn’t planning to get any spills or harm.

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Why choose us for your construction projects

For the best part of a decade, our team – design consultants, architects, quantity surveyors, contract managers, project managers, structural engineers and professional builders – have been helping property owners to transform their properties. Every client is allocated a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire process and keep you up to date on progress. Get in touch today for any building, renovations, extensions or construction projects.

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