Remington Street, London, Refurbishment

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(Refurbishment Islington London)



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Remington Street, London, N1 8DH

Archers Building and Construction


Azzam Hakim

Lee Trust

60 Days



Location:Remington Street, London, N1 8DH

Client:Archers Building and Construction

Project Manager: Kirsty

Architect: Azzam Hakim

Building Services Consultant: Lee Trust

Delivery Programme Period: 60 Days

Contract Value:£44,680

Project Number: PRO-5203

refurbishment Islington London British Builders

Client feedback

In all of our interactions with them, we have found them to be incredibly effective. They have submitted their administrative papers on time, and the values, sums, and quotes that have been given to us have been honest and fair. The majority of contractual questions and issues can be anticipated by them and dealt with properly before they arise. The company’s work has been neat, effective, and well-organized on the job site. We had a good experience working with British Builders and would suggest them for more projects.”

The Challenge:

A full restoration of the damp ceiling and immaculate electrical work were both made possible by the project’s nine-week timeframe. On February 15, 2022, it was completed.

The bathroom has had a complete renovation and is now a gorgeous 4-piece modern family bathroom with elegant white, grey, and gold tones. The decision was made to upgrade the pipe system since drainage work was required to totally renovate the bathroom and the previous pipes were leaking. In addition to this type of work, our business entirely redone the ceiling in several rooms because the apartment’s tenants were flooded by the building’s above-ground neighbours. As a result, the unit is currently undergoing repair.

Our pricing team provided an accurate and high-quality evaluation of this project, giving our team a strong chance to prevail over the competition at the customers’ request. Directly out of all the representatives, our business won.


The Solution:

This refurbishment Islington London project, we can say, was a little more challenging than the others because the bidder with the price for the specified types of work had to develop, submit, and then agree with the client already after the company was given the job, the plan and visualisation of the new bathroom, taking into account all ergonomics, to have a comfortable arrangement of devices and a well-chosen colour solution for the walls and floor.

As a result, our architect got in touch with the clients directly to consider every request in great depth. After everything was agreed upon, we could begin working, and the most crucial step was the selection of a project manager who would be in charge of the job from start to finish on the job site.

The customer need assistance with the installation of bathroom equipment as well as design suggestions and inspiration. In collaboration with the couple, we designed a bathroom where space was not a concern. To fit their home’s intricate interior layout, the family bathroom needed an internal wall removed and special parts made.

Together with our suppliers, we were able to add space and make the bathroom fit properly. We like how the luxurious furnishings and bathroom fixtures enhanced the interior design features to maximise the usable area and overall functioning while maintaining a sense of quality and space. The clients chose painted furniture in tones that complemented and complemented the whole design.


The Completion:

Due to the fact that our team respected deadlines and the reputation of the business for which it works, the refurbishment Islington London was completed  sooner than expected.

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