Refurbishment works, Wolverhampton

Project Details



Project Manager


Building Services Consultant

Delivery Programme Period

Contract Value

Marsh Lane Parade, Wolverhampton, WV10 6BF, 


Connor Murphy

Azzam Hakim

Lee Burke

20 Days


Location:Marsh Lane Parade, Wolverhampton, WV10 6BF


Project Manager: Connor Murphy

Architect: Azzam Hakim

Building Services Consultant: Lee Burke

Delivery Programme Period: 20 Days

Contract Value:£27,000

Wolverhampton Refurbishment works of the canopy project Wolverhampton

“I am happy with the work undertaken today by British Builders and happy to sign to agree the work was done to high standards and I agree to their terms and conditions.”


Wolverhampton refurbishment works – Upon noticing that the store’s 56 meters long wooden canopy was already in a poor condition and that this was not helping to draw in new consumers, the owner of the business approached our team and asked for rapid replacement.

The task entailed replacing the decaying timber as well as the canopy’s signage.


In order to complete the work efficiently and without being slowed down by bad weather, we had to first build a complete scaffolding system with a top cover.

Installing interim solutions came first, followed by the isolation and removal of all exterior and interior lighting.

Our staff cleaned all previously painted surfaces and restored a hard, solid edge by removing any loose or flaking/poorly adhering coatings. In that case, workers prepared the empty spaces. Between coating systems, it had enough drying time and gentle de-nibbing. Oil-based white undercoat was applied in one complete application (a second coat was applied to all primed areas). After that, the group applied two complete coats of oil-based white gloss.

After finishing the major work, we additionally changed the canopy’s signage.


The once-damaged Canopy has been restored to its original state, as evidenced by the photos. Customer was pleased with the work.